Somaliland: UCID leaders visit Buroa

Buroa- A delegation headed by Justice  & Welfare party Chairman Hon. Faisal Ali Warabe embarked on a tour to Buroa, the regional capital city of Togdheer on Monday. He is accompanied by Presidential Candidate Hon. Jamal Ali Hussein, running mate Hon. Abdirashid Hassan Matan and the third deputy chairman Mr. Ali Guray. Hundreds of UCID supporters came out to the streets to welcome the justice and welfare leaders. They have been greeted in the city outskirts just 20 km away from the city and they were taken to the party headquarters whereby delivering speeches.

The delegation opened offices in the city and Hon. Faisal made a speech to hundreds of party supporters and told them that they will hold meetings with residents in order to discuss wide range of issues that are of common concern. He firmly stated that Somaliland needs to be rescued and the public is yearning for good governance. UCID presidential candidate and his running mate have both made clear that the party as well as the public is ready to see the smooth holding of free and fair elections that will take place in Somaliland. They praised the cordial welcome that they have been given to them. Mr. Ali Guray said that elections can take place in the country and eight months can be a great time to prepare for the elections.

Justice and Welfare party leaders seem to have embarked upon presidential campaigning and just a few weeks ago they were in Gebiley in order to gain the hearts and minds of voters.

They are expected to attend Buroa graduation ceremony and the commemoration of Somali National Movement veterans which will be held on the 17th of October.

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