Somaliland: President’s delegation arrives in London

London (Codka Somaliland) The delegation led by president Ahmed Silanyo has arrived at Heathrow Airport on Saturday. The president’s delegates left from Hargeisa and off to UK to attend an international trade conference which is due to kick off on the 14th Oct.

The president is accompanied by country’s First Lady Ms. Amina Weris Sheikh Mohamoud Jirde, Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Mohamed Bihi Yonis, Presidential Affairs Minister Hon. Hirsi Ali Hassan, Agriculture Minister Hon. Farah Elmi Mohamoud and Water Affairs Minister Hon. Hussein Ahmed Abdalle.

The delegation headed by Silanyo was cordially welcomed at Heathrow airport by Somaliland representative to UK, Kulmiye supporters in London and Somaliland diaspora community in diaspora.

other minister who are expected to arrive tonight are the minister of Information Hon. Abdilahi Mohamed Dahir alias “U’kuse”, National Planning Minister Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire and the presidential press secretary Mr. Ahmed Suleiman Dhuhul.

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