Somaliland: President meets with UK ambassador to Somaliland/Somalia

HARGEISA- President of Somaliland H.E Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo on Monday has received at the presidency British ambassador to Somaliland/Somalia Mr. Neil Wigan who arrived in the country for talks with government officials.

Country’s Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Mohamed Bihi Yonis has stated that Somaliland and the UK have good relations and wet on to say that Mr. Neil discussed with the president on issues relating to Somaliland conference which is about to open in London.

Mr. Bihi has stressed that they are grateful to the British support in helping organize this major event for Somaliland people.

In addition, Mr. Bihi has said that Somaliland is a rich place and would like to get investment opportunities.


He added that the discussions focused on elections, peace and development and went well.

H.E Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo left for the port city of Berbera on Tuesday morning and is expected to meet with British military officers and diplomats whereby they will meet on warship.

The President is expected to be accompanied by Ministers and members of country’s coastal guards.

Mr. Wigan told that they will training to the coastal guards and this shows that Somaliland and the UK have friendly ties.

Britain supports Somaliland on training to the navy in bid to build robust forces that can deter piracy threats.

Mr. Bihi , Somaliland FM has told that this will be the third time once president Silanyo meets with UK military officials and this indicates the strengthening   ties between the two nations.


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